Lanarking about in the Oxfam shop window

The Oxfam shop in Lanark will be ‘Having a Bit of a Do’ this Saturday (February 12) to launch a month of fundraising in the run up to International Women’s Day’s 100th anniversary in March, and would like to invite local people to come along and join in the celebrations.

There’ll be a party atmosphere in store all day (Saturday, February 12) as staff and volunteers celebrate the achievements of women the world over with ‘Oxfam Do’. Volunteers will be modelling the latest fashions in the shop window all day to promote the celebrations and, as well as music, dancing and Fairtrade freebies, there will also be the chance for people to find out how to put on a ‘Do’ of their own between now and March 8.

A ‘Do’ can be anything from a tea party to a cocktail party, a girls’ night in with your favourite chick-flicks to a girls’ night out at the dancing, so if you’re looking for a reason to celebrate, ‘Oxfam Do’ is the perfect excuse.

Around two thirds of the 1.3 billion people living in extreme poverty are women, and Oxfam works with them on the issues that affect them the most.

Money raised through holding an Oxfam Do will go towards four women’s projects around the world. These include training women in Zimbabwe with farming and business management skills, offering free maternal health care to women in Ghana, and providing resources such as teachers and classrooms for girls in Mali so they can gain an education. Money raised will also go towards helping bring an end to violence against women in Pakistan through the ‘We Can’ campaign.

Bonnie Campbell, the Oxfam Lanark shop manager, said:

“Our ‘Oxfam Do’ is open to everyone and we’d love to see as many people there as possible. It’ll be loads of fun, especially with our volunteers modelling in the shop window, and I’m sure lots of people will leave with ideas in their heads for how to hold a ‘Do’ of their own.

“The event is to raise awareness of Oxfam’s work with women around the world, helping to improve maternal health, end violence against women and give girls an education so, by taking part or holding a ‘Do’ of your own, you’ll be making a great contribution to empowering women both at home and abroad.”

If anyone can’t make it on the day, but is interested in holding a ‘Do’ of their own, there are loads of ideas and more information on the Oxfam Do website Alternatively, please phone Helen Kelly at Oxfam on 0141 285 8875 and she will be able to tell you everything you need to know.


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