Italian Cultural Institute puts Oxfam in the picture with sale of award-winning Italian photographs

The Italian Cultural Institute in Edinburgh will be hosting a photography exhibition and sale to support GROW, Oxfam’s new campaign to fix the world’s broken food system.

Work by world renowned Italian photographers Edoardo Agresti and Gianluca Capri will be co-hosted in two locations simultaneously in Edinburgh’s Italian Cultural Institute, and also in the English Speaking Union (E.S.U) from October 17-28.

Entitled “Light Gives Life”, the exhibition will highlight the near one billion people who go to bed hungry every night, and Oxfam’s new campaign to ensure everyone in the world has enough food.

The photos look at the world food system in a new and innovative way, featuring photos taken from a potato market in India, a fish market in Tanzania alongside portraits of individuals who work to produce food across the world.

Woman at the potato market (India) - Edoardo Agresti

Agresti and Capri have won several international awards, including the Venice International Photo Contest and the Black and White Spider Award. Members of the public can buy the photos at the exhibition, with all profits being split between Oxfam’s GROW campaign and the E.S.U.

Dr Stefania del Bravo, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute, said:

“The opportunity to collaborate with Oxfam has a very special meaning for the Cultural Institute in Edinburgh because of its clear message: culture is not only celebration, entertainment, pleasure and relaxation, but engagement and courage to face uneasy and dramatic social and economic realities.

“We support the GROW campaign because of its special focus on nutrition as a primary need to improve the quality of life I was happy to be able to use Italian culture as a means of promoting this message.”

Jamie Livingstone, Oxfam Scotland, Campaigns and Communications Manager, said:

“Around the world, almost a billion people are going to bed hungry every night. That’s not because there isn’t enough to eat, but because of the deep injustices in the way the food system works. We are campaigning to fix this broken food system, and are delighted that Edinburgh’s Italian Cultural Institute has chosen to support our work.”



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