A victory for girls’ rights in Jordan

On 1 August 2017, the Jordanian parliament took the historic decision to repeal Article 308 of its penal code, which allowed rapists to avoid prosecution if they married their victims.

Activists had long campaigned for the abolition of this controversial ‘rape law’ and Tuesday’s announcement was the result of decades of hard work.

Child rights organisation Plan International welcomes the decision as an important milestone towards achieving gender equality.

Muna Abbas, Head of Mission for Plan International in Jordan, said:

“The announcement by parliament to repeal its controversial rape law is a huge step forward for the women’s rights movement in Jordan. Rape is a crime – a violation of girls’ and women’s rights that should never go unpunished, and we applaud the fantastic efforts of those who worked so hard to get this archaic piece of legislation scrapped.

“However, we must not forget that there is still a long way to go. Girls face terrible stigma in their communities if they are raped, so although this law change is a historic achievement, the next challenge will be to change public opinion so that families and communities no longer cast girls aside, but rather support them to cope with what has happened to them, and help them rebuild their lives.”


Spokespeople are available for interview.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Kirsty Cameron
Global Press Officer
M: 07922041109
E: kirsty.cameron@plan-international.org


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